Trading under the new rules - win every trade!

Do you want to get maximum profit with minimum investment? Our company will help you invest and trade without risks.

Our offer

Axtra LLC
Personal servers

The company has at its disposal a sufficient number of servers, which will be enough to carry out successful activities for many years. If we are not dependent on anyone, then neither are you.

Cloud mining

You do not need to buy expensive equipment to try your hand at cryptocurrency mining. Register on our website, go and start farming coins!

Successful trading

Our specialists have been studying the cryptocurrency market for many years, creating successful strategies, and analyzing the situation for many hours. We have helped thousands of people become richer without significant investments and with minimal risk.

About our company

Our company was created to trade cryptocurrencies and support traders. We are ready to make your dreams come true. We provide all the resources you need to conduct profitable crypto transactions. We provide all resources, from professional software to a fully organized workplace. We finance various trading projects and accept capital in trust. Our goal is to provide you with all the resources you need to support and grow your trading career. Our unique trading strategy and training are based on our fundamental principle: "Be a black sheep and do what others are afraid of!".

Our tariff plan

1.4% PER DAY
1.8% PER DAY
2.4% PER DAY
Plan: 1% PER DAY
Period: 35 DAYS
Min.-Max.: 10 USD - 500 USD
Deposit: at the end of the term

Accruals on working days from Mn-Fr

Profit Percentage:
Amount of profit: USD
Plan: 1.4% PER DAY
Period: 60 DAYS
Min.-Max.: 500 USD - 1000 USD
Deposit: at the end of the term

Accruals on working days from Mn-Fr

Profit Percentage:
Amount of profit: USD
03 TOP
Plan: 1.8% PER DAY
Period: 75 DAYS
Min.-Max.: 1000 USD - 5000 USD
Deposit: at the end of the term

Accruals on working days from Mn-Fr

Profit Percentage:
Amount of profit: USD
04 VIP
Plan: 2.4% PER DAY
Period: 100 DAYS
Min.-Max.: 5000 USD - 100000 USD
Deposit: at the end of the term

Accruals on working days from Mn-Fr

Profit Percentage:
Amount of profit: USD

Why choose us?

Reliable protection

Our specialists have built a perfect system for the protection and security of all assets and data. And competent strategies allow you to minimize the risk of unprofitable transactions.

Professional Marketing

Only professionals who have spent several years as a trader work with us. These people know how to increase their and your capital.

Official registration

You leave the information needed to transfer funds to your real accounts. Everything is serious with us - customer data remains anonymous and is not transferred to third parties.

Support mode 24/7

Customer service guards your peace and well-being seven days a week around the clock. You can contact us in any convenient way presented on our website.

Affiliate Program

With our referral program, you can earn even more or no investment at all. It is enough to register, get a link in your account, and send it to everyone who wants to start cooperation with a large cryptocurrency trading company. The more partners you invite, the more chances you have to receive up to 5% of the investments and profits of each! The affiliate program starts from level 3 (equivalent to 1%).

Maximize your profit by attracting other partners:
  • 5% Partners of the 1st level
  • 3% Partners of the 2nd level
  • 1% Partners of the 3rd level

Start making a profit right now

What should be done to make money with our company? Just four steps separate you from starting a successful career as a cryptocurrency trader:

  • 1 Register

    Fill out a simple form using only real information. It depends on whether you can withdraw the earned funds.

  • 2 Choose a tariff

    We offer a range of tariff plans that are suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. Each rate is good in its own way. If you cannot decide, our consultants will be happy to help you.

  • 3 Invest

    It is very easy and profitable to invest with us. Virtually nothing needs to be done. The system, configured for each tariff, selects the most optimal and profitable options. You just have to replenish the account - make a deposit.

  • 4 Get profit

    This is the sweetest moment. And it starts almost from the first minute after making a deposit. Changing the tariff plan and attracting new partners through the referral program will also help increase your profits.